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JAG Event Services was founded In July of 2007 by Joe Gutierrez, P.N.A “JoJo.” After attending dance music events for several years JoJo decided to find a way to give back to in industry of which so greatly gave him so much. In September of 2007 JAG-Events hosted its first two music events GI-JOE & EPIC. Two small warehouse bound dance events near down town LA. By 2008 JAG-Events had teamed up with Flash Events, Magic Entertainment and 3DC promotions to form The Kandy Festival. Since then JAG Events has hosted and or worked with such events as The Kandy Festival, The Kosmic Festival, Dream Land, Butterfly Ball, Haunted, Jingle Beatz, Illuminate, The Southern California EDM Holiday Social Gathering, and several club events. JAG Events also offers a variety of event services from lighting, sound, security, venues and full event staffing and event management. With their dedicated and motivated team there is no doubt that JAG-Events will do nothing but keep climbing to the top of the industry and set the bar for years to come.

Meet “JoJo” Owner of JAG-Events,

Starting off in 2000 at the age of 14 JoJo was introduced to the electronic music scene through a "Happy 2B Hardcore" CD, and jungle mix. Instantly JoJo felt the magnetic pull towards the lifestyle and positive vibes from the people involved, soon after JoJo would attend electronic music events throughout Southern California and thus was the start of a revolution.

In 2006 seeing opportunity for success and growth in the EDM (electronic dance music) movement JoJo founded JAG Events and begun promoting for DJs, dancers and music events throughout Southern California. Shortly after his first two events “Epic & GI-Joe,” he teamed up with Magic Entertainment, The Hudson Theater, DJ Flash and 3DC Promotions, to form one of the first and largest non massive “Public and Permitted” RAVES in Southern California. THE KANDY FESTIVAL.

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